Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fresh Pressed Screen Shops

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I found the coolest thing this weekend. There’s store (soon to be stores) in LA where you can design your own print (with the help of a graphic artist) and print it on a tshirt yourself! It’s called “Fresh Pressed,” and it’s appealing to all those crafty folks who want to “DIY” but don’t have the tools or the experience with silk screening. I think it’s very cool. Here’s their logo:

The founder designed these custom printing stations that look like a cross between a copying machine and a dryer:

We have done our own t-shirts at home, with a version of the studio chop on them. You can get kits for creating your own screens at most craft stores. These stations at Fresh Pressed are way cool, though. It would be fun to play at one! Will have to wait until they get to the East Coast!

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