Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heather Ross’ “Mendocino” fabric collection

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In looking for fabric for the quilt I’m going to make for the living room, I came across some fun prints by Heather Ross. Her “Mendocino” collection is inspired by her time on the beach in CA. They totally crack me up, because if you look at them from a distance, they look like old fashioned wallpaper. Up close there are obviously mermaids and octopii, etc. I think we’re going to have to get some to do something for our budding marine biologist, because every girl needs a mermaid dress. (Wonder how long it would take someone at her school to notice that she’s got half-naked ladies on her sundress? Ok, maybe we’ll go with the seahorses.)


  1. Where did you find this fabric? I love it! I want to put some fabric cushions on a set of folding chairs, and would love to use mermaids. Did you end up quilting with it?

  2. Hi Dana - I actually haven't bought any of it yet...I have to actually finish 20 other sewing projects before I can allow myself to bring anymore fabric into the studio! I found it online - it's available at several online fabric stores. If you google "Heather Ross Mendocino" you should find it. Locally, I'd probably try Homespun Boutique. She gets a lot of hip quilting cotton there. Good luck with the cushions!


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