Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lush Metals, jewelry by Jennifer Chin

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We did the Fine Crafts show at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester NY this weekend. It’s always a sweet show to do; the museum treats us like gold, and the jurying is really great. It’s nice to be at a show where the quality of the work is consistently great from booth to booth.

One of our fellow exhibitors at this show was Jennifer Chin, a jeweler from the Boston area. We first met Jennifer at CraftBoston this past March. She was across the aisle from us. When I sliced my finger open during setup, she graciously donated bandaids to the cause so that I wouldn’t bleed all over our new flooring. I brought her some bandaids this weekend to pay her back.

Jennifer asked me if I would “mind” modeling her work during the show. Woo hoo!!! Twist my arm and make me wear fabulous jewelry! I think my new dramatically short haircut lent itself to the clean modern lines of her work.

On Saturday I got to wear the earrings from her “Spirit” motif:

On Sunday I wore the earrings from her “Stairway” line:

Man, did I ever feel lucky!


  1. Wow! Thanks Nancy, just found your blog, it looks great. Hope you and Alex are well!

  2. Thanks, Jen! We're doing pretty well. Hope you are too!


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