Monday, December 15, 2008

Search for the Perfect Wellies

Believe it or not, (now that you've seen some of my favorite shoes), I don't want silly flamboyant wellies, the kind that have scotty dogs or polka dots on them. I want serious wellies that keep my feet and legs dry; wellies that I can wear in the muck and not feel bad about them getting mud all over them; wellies I can stand in the April puddles with during my commute and not curse the weather (and my job).

They also need to not destroy every pair of tights I own, and they need to not screw up my back.

Price is, of course, a factor, so I'm not even looking at REAL wellies from England. (Sigh. The ones from France are even more expensive.)

Am I asking too much from what should be a supremely utilitarian piece of footwear? I hope not.

Here are the current front runners, even though I've never been able to try any of them on...

Steve Madden $40.00 from Amazon, no longer available?

Norcross $20.00

Muck brand "chore" boot $79.00. (I wonder, how is this any different from their "hoser" style?)

Kamik "Durham" on sale at Sierra Trading Post $40.00. But they're ugly army green.

2 places to look for practical wellies online:

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