Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Guest House Ideas

We're still kicking around the idea of having a live-in apprentice someday, someone who wants to learn about clay and about life as a potter. Part of the bonus for us would be that we'd have someone knowledgeable who could stay and run the gallery while we travel to do workshops, conferences and (dare I say it?) vacations.

This apprentice would most likely be a college student, which would mean that they would pretty much be with us for summer(s) only. That would mean that whatever space we build for them could be more easily built; no worrying about insulation or heat, at least not right away... I imagine we'll want to winterize eventually.

We're potters, so we're broke. That means this project has to be done on the cheap. There are lots of beautiful, but expensive, pre-built tiny houses out there. We're going to have to build this one ourselves, so I'm on the hunt for plans and ideas. I've spent a little time on the Tiny House Blog, which is a great resource. I need to spend MORE time there! Here's some of the things I found today during my coffee break:

There's a guy building tiny houses out of oak shipping pallets. I hate his plans but I like the idea of reusing materials that would otherwise go unused.

There's a company called the Pennypincher Barn Company that sells kits and plans for cabins, tiny houses, and barns of all sizes. The cool thing about them is, they call your cut list into a local lumberyard, and you just go and pick it up. It saves on shipping costs, and you're supporting the local economy at the same time. I think that's very cool, and I'm going to spend some more time over the holidays to research them. Some of these kits start as low as $2880 for a 120 sq. ft. building, and include locally available lumber, hardware, composition roofing and professionally design-engineered plans.

Here's an image of a Pennypincher kit that sells for $4800. (below) I wish I could find some photos of a finished version of this.

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