Friday, December 12, 2008

I am not a morning person.

The image at the left pretty much sums it up. If I could get up around 9 or 10am, and sit in my jammies reading the news with a cat in my lap while sipping a big fat cafe au lait, I'd be a happy girl.

But instead, I have to get up in the dark (at this time of year) and hustle my butt onto the commuter bus for the 45 minute ride into town. Thank God for MP3 players, is all I can say. I crank up the tunes while I'm on the bus, and actually sleep through the ride. White noise is your friend.

I'm not entirely human when I get to work, but I can manage not to bite anyone's head off. Breakfast is usually a Luna bar and some water or a cup of coffee from the Library Cafe, if I'm feeling rich.

Not quite my ideal, but it'll have to do. In the meanwhile, this graphic is part of my screensaver slideshow, just to keep me smiling.

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