Monday, December 8, 2008

"More holiday shoppers are buying gifts based on color"

An article in today's online version of "USA Today" is all about color. Seems people are going for color this holiday shopping season, for all the same reasons that our sources of inspiration went for them in the last century...

They mention FiestaWare prominently. Sigh. We will never escape the comparison. The really freaky/annoying/scary thing is that they came out with...CHOCOLATE and CREAM this year. Yes, the 2 colors we've been trying to find time to formulate for the last YEAR.

'Dishes. It isn't necessarily bright colors that lead to hot sellers now. It's new colors.

That's one reason the two colors that venerable, very colorful Fiesta dinnerware rolled out this year are chocolate and ivory.

It wasn't until late September that Homer Laughlin China opted to offer Fiesta in chocolate. For one thing, some consumers had asked for chocolate (aka brown), says Rich Brinkman, sales and marketing chief. But also, "There are overwhelming challenges in the market," he says. "Our retailers are hurting, and the consumer is looking for a reason to purchase."'

I don't know whether to feel vindicated, empowered, or annoyed. At least our new glazes won't be glossy and opaque...

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