Thursday, December 4, 2008

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping...

...for shoes, of course.

I can amuse myself for hours looking at shoes online. My husband thinks I must have a screw loose but I keep assuring him that it's perfectly normal.

Can I help it if I worked in the shoe industry for almost 10 years, got lovely employee discounts all that time, and now have an addiction?


Here's what I found tonight:

From Anthropologie, "Copper Bottom Mary Janes." Very sweet.

From Dr. Martens, the "Adina." I have a weakness for
wingtips, or spectators. I love 2-tone shoes. Dunno why.

Hold on to yer wellies! This is the "Nelly" by Dr. Martens. I want a real pair of wellies, but these were just too good not to snag for this post. Wow.

Oooh! Spats by John Fluevog! I would wear these all the time. Even to walk the dog. Oh, wait, we don't have a dog... Well, I'd get one just so I could be seen walking the dog in these.

By Robert Clergerie, based on the old chopines, early platform shoes meant to keep you up out of the muck in Medieval times. Or for walking in modern-day Paris. Your pick.

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