Thursday, January 8, 2009

Knitting Little Things

I wish I could knit. I injured the major nerves in my left arm 20+ years ago, and I have a hard time doing anything with my left hand that involves fine motor skills. Playing guitar, making lampworked beads, weaving with seed beads, and knitting are all on the list of things I can't really do anymore. Well, I can, but after 20 minutes my hand gets weak and my arm goes numb. I've done physical therapy, and it seems that it's not going to get much better than that.

That having been said, I have been forging ahead, knitting something out of the yummy yarn my sis-in-law gave me for Christmas. Yes, I'm stubborn, but I'm also being rational; I take frequent breaks, and I'm keeping my project within the scope of my meager knitting abilities. I'm knitting a rectangle, which will get felted and sewn into a bag. Or will be sewn into a bag and then felted. I haven't decided which, yet.

I had thought that I might be able to knit myself a "Moebius Wrap" with the yarn, but wasn't sure that I would have enough, after looking at patterns online. One of the places I looked was at colorsong yarn. They have some lovely yarn, nice kits, and a user-friendly website.

Here's an example of the "Moebius Wrap" I was talking about. It's a very popular style right now, very easy and kinda cool-looking. You knit a tube, basically, but before you join the two ends, you twist it once. Simple. Even a gal with a bum hand could do it. I think I'll see about getting enough yarn to do one as my next small, manageable knitting project. I can't get too ambitious; I do need to be able to use my left hand for other things.

I have always loved the idea of creating your own fabric while creating the article of clothing itself. Knitting is so cool. And so trendy. You can do it on the bus, the commuter train, in the cafe... And there are so many people making beautiful yarn out there right now.

My friend Cheryl hand-dyes some of the yummiest yarn out there, and I was lucky enough to get to do a trade with her this year. Schaefer Yarns are known the world over by knitters, and I feel very lucky! We haven't figured out which weight I'll need yet, but I'm getting some wool in her pomegranate color, from her "Subtly Solid" collection. I've chosen my pattern from a book called "Knit Kimono," by Vicki Square. I'm not going to be the one to knit it, though. My mom volunteered to knit it for me. This must be my lucky year!

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