Friday, February 13, 2009

Contemporary Irish Architecture

I came across this Irish architecture firm, architectstm, while "stumbling" the other day. Some of their stuff is pretty cool. I like how they take something as traditional and iconic as an Irish cottage and add the unexpected.

Here's the one that caught my eye:

I love the twist in the roof. The cement walls are actually from an older cottage; this was a rehab/renovation.

What I don't love is the treatment of the back of the house:

That's a little bit TOO much of a departure for me. I would have done this differently, but I'm a little more traditional.

Here's another one by the same firm:

They have frustratingly few images of these houses; I want to see more! If you look at this image on their site, you'll see some cool treatment of the stone; there are "blind" windows on the wall facing us. I love the stone, and the slate roof.

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