Monday, March 9, 2009

My next knitting project...

will be a sweater for Alex. This will be a learning experience for me, for sure. I've never made a whole sweater! Luckily I have all spring, summer, and fall to get it together; he's such a furnace that he can't really wear a sweater until it's really cold.

I went pattern shopping at Interweave Press. Here's the pattern he picked out:

I'll be getting the yarn from my pal Cheryl Schaefer, owner of The Schaefer Yarn Company, here in Interlaken. (LUCKY ME!) This is his first choice for yarn:

and his second choice:

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  1. No, I AM the LUCKY one!!! I get an awesome sweater, and a happy wife too. Gotta love it! Thanks for wanting to make me such a cool sweater.


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