Friday, April 24, 2009

The DECOmputer: computer with retro casing!

I just stumbled upon the site of a guy who builds cool custom computers with an art deco twist. The one below, christened the DECOmputer, is definitely my favorite. It's made with a 1930's toaster/hotplate contraption as its outer housing.

How COOL is that? and you could pair it with the Art Deco keyboard from Datamancer:

Definitely a good pairing! The screen would have to be something special, too!

I'd like to find a cool old retro breadbox to use as the housing for mine, then have some Bakelite keys or trim on my keyboard.

How about a sweet old bread box with some cheery posies?

Or a super-slick breadbox, "Buick" by Typhoon as the housing?

The possibilities are endless...

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