Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"We Are Happy to Serve You"

Along the lines of my spiffy "I Am Not a Paper Cup" coffee cup comes the "We Are Happy to Serve You" waste basket! How cool is this?

My pal Pam told me about this little baby. I think I need one. It's a little on the small side - 10.5” tall x 8.25” in diameter - but you could use it for a planter or something... It's made of plastic (unfortunately).

I just realized that my "I Am Not a Paper Cup" post was on my old blog, the one WordPress.org ATE. So here 's a pic of that groovy faux-paper cup. (right) I love this thing. My only worry is that a barista will write my drink order on it in magic marker! The lid is silicone, the body is double-walled porcelain, to keep your java warm. Since I work in a library, all mugs at work have to have secure lids. This way, I can have some style, save a tree, drink out of ceramic rather than plastic, and not get in trouble with the cup patrol! Everybody's happy! Isn't that what good design is all about?

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