Monday, May 11, 2009

Seat-Of-The-Pants Sewing, table linens, etc.

I like to sew, but my mom LOVES to sew. It was from her that I got the courage to try doing things without purchased, pre-tested pattern. When you make it up as you go along, in our family, anyway, we say that you're doing it "by the seat of your pants."

At our gallery we carry a line of table linens made by the Queen of "SOP" Sewing, my mom. Below is a set of placemats. They look so great with our pots!

Here's a shot that will give you a better view of her piecing. (below) I love the fabrics she chose for this set.

I confess, I love this next set so much that I borrowed them from the studio one night when we were having guests for dinner. Don't worry, we kept them clean!

Mom makes bags and wall hangings as well, but we've just been carrying the table linens in our gallery. We may have to expand our selection, once we get the gallery renovated!

If you're interested in seeing more work by Seat-Of-The-Pants Sewing (that's her studio's name), contact us at Cold Springs Studio or email me. We're hoping to add pics of her work to our website as well. (Where all the time will come from to do all this, I don't know...)


  1. Nan, Thank you for the great photos and kind words about my SOP Sewing. Judging from what I have seen of your recent work,you have the knack of "creative" sewing yourself. Way to go!! You have been fearless in trying new ideas and techniques. Keep up the fine work!
    Love, Mom

  2. Thanks, Mom! I'm having fun, for sure!


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