Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tshirt Dress #1

This used to be 2 extra large mens' t-shirts. I took a pattern off one of my favorite shirts to cut the bodice, making it from the first of the 2 shirts. Then I made as long a skirt as I could from the second shirt, and put them together.

The blue XL shirts came from some discount place online - they were $3.85 each. I love a bargain! Simple knit "travel" dresses such as this one can cost as much as $79.00 retail (see dress, below.) I like my price better - and it fits me perfectly!

Usually I get my t-shirts from the Salvation Army or from Alex's cast-offs, but I wanted 2 that were the same color for this dress. If you want to use thrifted/recycled t-shirts, you may have to try a multicolored look; you could do the bodice in one color and the skirt in another, obviously. I found a woman making really stylish t-shirt dresses with multiple colors on CraftStylish, but I don't think she's necessarily "thrifting" her shirts, unless she has an unlimited supply of blue and burgundy t-shirts that don't have any printing on them. She calls them "hiking dresses" because apparently she likes to wear t-shirt dresses while hiking. Somehow I don't see myself hiking in this outfit, but to each his/her own:


  1. Your shirt dress is much cuter than the one from Travelsmith, which kind of reminded me of these Mormon swimsuits:

    Thank God for dress weather!

  2. Thanks, Dana! Wow, I'd never seen those swimsuits before... I can't imagine wearing one of those!!!!

  3. I can imagine wearing one, but only ironically.

  4. How can you SWIM in that much fabric? How does it NOT drag you down?

  5. I am sure they used to sponsor olympic swimmers from Utah.... then they all drowned when they switched to these new swimsuits. Synchronized drowning.


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