Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nancy Bites the Bullet - Vintage Sewing Patterns Enroute

Ok, so I went to the fabric store just to get some lightweight interfacing for the shirts I'm working on for my boy.... and this garnet red 95% rayon/5% spandex fabric that was 60% off JUMPED into my cart. What could I do? I had to bring it home. And now that I've given it a home, what will I do with it? (Can I keep it, Mom? I promise to feed it and take it for walks!)

Well, for starters, I'm going to make this blouse. I just bought the pattern from Eva Dress. To get more bang for my buck, I'm going to make separates instead of a dress. I've got a "trumpet skirt" (a skirt with godets) that I'm going to copy and make up in this rayon as well. Every 40-something woman should have a bitchin' red dress, don't you think?

The other pattern I bought was for a "house coat and dress" from the 1940's.

I'm imagining several variations on the short version of this, and just yesterday I found a bunch of awesome "retro" fabric. Here's a cute print from eQuilter.com. Picture it with red rick-rack!

And here are some more choices from Hancock's of Paducah:

So many choices, so little $$$!


  1. Those teapots are to DIE for. I may have to go hunting for that fabric. My hubby is a brit and we have tea every morning...and the occasional dress-up afternoon tea just for fun. That would make a great housecoat/dress.

  2. Hi Miss Amelina - I adore these teapots too. My husband and I are potters, so I think I need to have at least ONE dress with dishes on it, if not several...the ironic thing is that we don't actually make teapots in our studio (yet).

    I can't decide what I'm going to use this fabric for...I haven't even bought any yet! Half the fun is matching the perfect fabric to the perfect pattern, as you know.


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