Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Old Orient Museum - Vintage Chinese and Japanese Advertising

God Bless StumbleUpon. I have found so many cool things using that gizmo. The latest goodie was a bunch of vintage advertising images from Japan and China.

Old Orient Museum shows you what happened when "East Met West" in the realm of advertising in the early 20th century.

"Cow" Brand Soap. MmmmmOOOO!

I wonder what "Keenien" refers to?

A pin-up girl!


  1. Keenien is the Chinese (Mandarin) word for "Commemorative", so this brand was alternatively called Commemorative Cigarettes. In my mind, the "Golf" brand with the female golfer or the "Little Yellow Rat" brands were cooler. (both in the museum collection). Thanks for the mention.....
    Vincent Lexington Harper (digital restoration artist and Old Orient Mueseum curator).

  2. Hi Vincent - Thanks for the translation! I really enjoyed your site. The golfers as imagery for cigarettes cracked me up, but I suppose it's no more odd than the Marlboro Man, when you think of it...



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