Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Looking Forward to a Sewing Session...

It's been a busy few weeks, with serial house guests and a rockin' weekend in our gallery last Saturday... here's hoping that I can get some sewing done over the holiday weekend! It feels like my most recent posts have been about what I'm going to do, instead of what I've accomplished. Sigh.

I may attempt the vintage blouse pattern in some contemporary black and white print fabric as the precursor to the very stretchy red fabric version... still not sure if I know how to read these pattern markings. Can anybody point me to a site that gives tips on using vintage patterns?

Another blog I read today mentioned Ginger Rogers, who has always been an inspiration to me. She can make "Rosie the Riveter" garb look chic:

And she can give Ingrid Bergman a run for her money in the "Stylish, Mysterious Lady in a Suit Department:

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