Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Dresser, A Little Shrine to Retro...

The top of my dresser holds clues to my past, clues to the past I wish I had, pieces of family history, and homages to the Goddess of Retro Cool, not necessarily in that order...

The pink lizard cowgirl boots are from my days selling high-end leather goods in the 90's, when cowboy boots made a comeback. I need to find someone to do a GOOD resoling job on them so I can wear them again - if I wear them now, I'll trash them. Unfortunately, the guy in town that you used to be able to trust with these handmade beauties has retired. In the meanwhile, don't they look fabulous?

The red sofa (and chair, see below) were recent finds on a very successful antiques jaunt with pals Dana and Justin. I thought the sofa was the perfect place for my vintage glasses. The turquoise pot came from a trip to Cape Cod - my first vacation as a grownup. The tiny white bunny sculpture is one of mine. The glass "pebble" next to it was a present from my little one, back when she truly was little.

The green Depression glass tray is the only thing I have from my father's side of the family. It holds bracelets I've made out of glass beads made by my hubby and a few lampworking friends. The red chair holds some of my retro-inspired bead work; the silver steel beaded necklace holds and antique perfume vial. The lamp was a lucky antiques find; I still need to find a "period appropriate" shade for it.

The b&w photo on the left is of my sister and I. The one on the right is of my dad, his dog, and his mom when he was a little boy.

I love getting to see these things every day as I choose my wardrobe for the about inspiration!

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