Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Name is Nancy and I Am An Addict...

I am powerless over my addiction to vintage sewing patterns. I just ordered these three lovelies from CJB Second Time Around on Etsy. It's so hard to find vintage patterns that don't have to be adjusted for my (ahem) modern bustline, I had to snatch these up ASAP! I am totally excited and now I need to start sewing up a storm to finish off the projects that are already sitting on my worktable!!!

Sorry if these pics are blurry; that's how they are on Etsy. Hopefully soon I'll be able to show pictures of these babies MADE UP in some fabulous retro print fabric!

Thanks to my hubby for indulging me...


  1. It is A-OK, sister. I am right there with you. All of mine are stored in plastic containers under my sewing table, and if I started right now, I would probably have enough projects to last me a good few years. :) It is a wonderful addiction. I am pleased to report I haven't purchased any this month. It's amazing.

  2. Thanks for the support, Miss Amelina. I feel better now. In fact, I feel so good that I'm going to go out and start buying fabric for these new patterns.... LOL!


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