Saturday, August 15, 2009

Awesome Score in the Shoe Department!

I started thinking about what I've been missing in my shoe wardrobe this season, what I'd get the most mileage out of....and innocently started looking at sites like 6pm, Zappos, and PiperLime to see what they had on sale. I found plenty of things that filled my footwear wardrobe gaps, but I wanted something *cheaper.*

I went to eBay and what do I find? 2 pairs of shoes, exactly what I was looking for, from the same seller, no less, so I save on some shipping! I found flats in the 2 colors I'll probably use most; it's good for those of us with back problems to have some low-heel alternatives to our favorite heels.

Meet my new red casual flats by Anne Klein, only $13.00. They'll be a great alternative to my red dance oxfords when my back is getting tired.

And my new neutral flats by Calvin Klein (what, did I get stuck in the K's?) for $18.00. I'm going to take the faux gem off the front and put on something else, probably ribbon. I think they'll be adorable with the geranium print peter pan collar dress I'm going to make.

They're classic enough to go with my vintage clothes, they won't mess up my back, and they're practically free! What more can a girl ask for? Now I have to wait for them to be shipped from California. (fingers drumming on the desk...)

It seems like I've written about nothing but shoes for the last week or so. I'll stop obsessing now and turn my thoughts to other things, like my fall wardrobe. (Oh dear, do I need any new fall and winter shoes?)


  1. Those red shoes are calling to me. (Yes, I know I just bought a pair of red shoes.) Amazing scores! Go you. I haven't looked on eBay for shoes in a while, but I'm going to have to start again. Wait, I think I just told myself today that I was going on a shoe buying moratorium. Oh hell.

  2. Gertie, it's all your fault that I had to go look for more little red shoes! lol

    And Alex, you're not supposed to be encouraging me, but I'm so lucky you're my hubby!

  3. p.s. Welcome to Waiter Waiter, Gertie!


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