Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fabric Shopping

I went to the local quilter's fabric shop here in Ithaca today, looking for some of the prints I found online. I like shopping locally whenever possible, and I hate paying for shipping if I don't have to! I also find it hard to judge the scale of prints sometimes from pictures on websites; some fabric shops don't give you any indication of scale at all, so I wanted to see them in person.

I found that some things that I thought I would like were much larger in scale than I wanted, and some things were of slightly different hues than the web images, which is not a big surprise. Basically some of the fabrics I thought I would want, when I saw them in real life, turned out to be disappointments. That meant I got to shop "in person" though, and that's never a bad thing!

So, for my peter pan collar dress, I found this little beauty (below) which is actually softer in color than shown in this image. The largest flowers are about 2" across.

And for my 1950's dress, I found this (below). The "flower/sun/star" shapes reminded me a little of 1950's stars or "atomic" shapes. This fabric is also a little softer in color than this image suggests. The largest black "suns" are about 3/4" across.

Unfortunately, both of these dresses will have to wait, because after I finish the blouse and skirt I've got on my sewing table, I have to start making bags to sell in the studio this fall and winter! But now I have some more things to look forward to....


  1. Wow, those are awesome fabrics. You're totally right about the vaguely-atomic looking flowers - perfect. You better post some pictures of yourself in these dresses when all is said and done!

  2. Thanks, I was pretty happy with them! The woman at the fabric shop remembered me from the trip you and I made there together. She wondered how your quilt was going, and I had to say, "Oh gosh, I don't know!"

    Don't worry, there will be photos when I finally get these made up!


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