Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gertie's Dirndl Skirt, with Bubbles

I bought this fabric thinking I'd make a dress out of it, and then decided that head-to-toe in this particular print would be a lot to ask of any viewer. It's aqua and green bubbles, in a rather large scale. It kinda makes my eyes tired.

So what did I do instead? Why, made it into a big fat dirndl skirt, of course! (I'm *sure* this will be easier on the eyes! lol) Thanks to Gertie's excellent dirndl skirt tutorial, I whipped this up in 45 minutes, and still had time to customize the eBay Calvin Klein shoes I wanted to wear with it! What I love is that it's full enough that I don't feel like I need a crinoline under it. Of course, that means it makes my derriere look even bigger than it is.... but I don't care. How can you be unhappy with a skirt that has bubbles, and isn't *tight* on you anywhere?

These shoes had ugly fake gems on the front, so I took them off and found the perfect ribbon to take their place. Shoes: $17 + shipping on eBay. Ribbon: $2.69 at JoAnn's.

Sweater: Salvation Army, $2.99
Skirt: Gertie's tutorial, fabric and zipper from my stash
Harrods Floral Tote Bag: Gift from my mom-in-law
Tshirt: I think it was from Target, but I reshaped it and cut the neckline into a ballet neck.


  1. You did a great job. It looks nice on you.

  2. it's a nice skirt, and it was a great decision not to make the fabric a whole dress. i hope you do not mind me correcting you in one point though: it's a skirt in dirndl-style, not a whole dirndl in itself. a dirndl would be a whole dress with this kind of full gathered skirt. a classic dirndl would also be made of a cotton fabric which is a little thicker and have some (i come from bavaria, so i should know =)

  3. Thanks, Trudy! Thanks, Lila! And thanks for the correction, Lila; I don't mind being corrected at all!

  4. Great job on the skirt! It looks adorable on!

  5. Thanks, Bessie B! I feel a bit shy in front of the camera, so I sure don't *feel* adorable!

  6. I think you look fine, and as long as you feel good, what does it matter? I have had white hair since my 40s (I missed being gray) and after a few months of dyeing and grow out, decided that it was okay to be white in my forties.

    I love the rest of the outfit too!

  7. Thanks, San-Dee. I feel like I woke up one morning with 60 extra pounds (ah, menopause!)and suddenly I don't know my own body anymore. I feel as awkward as a pre-teen sometimes! It's been a strange transition for me.

  8. CUTE! cute cute cute.

    That skirt is really flattering and precious.

    (I woke up with a load of surprise poundage too, sister! So you are not alone!! haha! Life's too short to be scrawny. There are muffins to be made, yo.)

  9. Miss Amelina, you made me nose my fattening gourmet coffee drink! Muffins, indeed. Life's too short to not have chocolate.


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