Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the Sculpture Front...Working My Way Up in Scale

I want to make garden sculptures that are knee- to waist-high. I've been making tiny, fit-3-of-them-in-your-hand sculpture as studies for making larger versions, and this weekend I took a step toward the eventual goal. Here's first in the next step up.

With my hand, for scale.

Bunny butt.

Dramatic shadows shot.

I started with a paper armature; basically I took our studio utility paper and wadded and taped it into the basic shape I wanted. Then I threw out some mini slabs by hand, slapped them onto the form, and smoothed them together, adding layers in places where I wanted to manipulate the shape more.

The eyes are more defined than I've ever done; the glaze will fill them in somewhat, and if I made them too subtle they'd be obscured. I haven't decided what level of detail I want to get into yet, so I'm testing some things out.

I'll do a few more bunnies, then some bears, and some chickens at this scale to get the feel of working at this scale. Then when I've worked out the kinks of this process, I'll start thinking about what the armature will need to be for the next size up.


  1. Oh my God, I'm in love. That's amazing. You should definitely keep making these. What color are you thinking for glaze? I wish you guys had a white or cream colored one for some of these guys.

  2. Thanks, D. Yeah, Alex is suggesting clear on this one, since we don't have the cream yet. We chose some old test tiles this week to go back to and re-test, so we may have a cream soon...

    And then the chocolate would be awesome for bunnies as well... someday...

  3. Wow! That's amazing! That bunny looks so alive, so soft, and soooo perfect... You're truly an artist! :)

  4. Thanks, Una! I have so many things I want to make, and I've mostly been sewing all summer. It was time to get some clay time in as well!

  5. You could easily sell these, Nancy. Seriously. Clear will look great with the clay color underneath. And chocolate? Too cute!

    I love the little guys, but bigger ones as garden sculptures? Genius.

  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence, D! ;-) It's always been my plan/dream to work them really big. I just needed to start with some "sketches," as it were. I need to figure out some of the technical aspects, i.e. how do I load them into the kiln without trashing the glaze, or the kiln? It's a good thing I'm married to Alex! I'm sure we'll figure it all out!


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