Friday, August 14, 2009

Shoes: Red Dots, Stripes and Checks

Just for fun I went window shopping for shoes at 6pm today. Inspired by the adorable shoes worn by Gertie in her Halter Dress post, I went looking for cute red shoes.

click on the picture to see the shoes on

Do you want cute? (above) or sexy? (below)

Shoestring bondage? (above) or vaguely nautical? (below, note the little portholes!)

Hm, Brigitte Bourdeau goes to a hoedown (above) or Minnie Mouse paints the town? (below)

Mary Ann? (above) or Ginger? (below)

For some reason the shoes above make me want to break into La Marseillaise, but the ones below actually look more like something a French peasant housewife might wear.

Skater chick goes retro. (above) And my beloved PF Flyers get a makeover!


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