Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Upcycled L.L. Bean Dress

I love buying clothes at the Salvation Army and turning them into something new. Last week I found a blue rayon dress that was *very* long (almost to my ankles) and had a very boring round neckline. I loved the fabric, and the dress "had good bones," so for $3.99 it was mine! I shortened it and used the cut-off fabric to make a new neckline with a collar.

I've been reading WWII personal accounts of life on the homefront...somehow that translated into an idea for a photo shoot with a suitcase, as though I were an Navy wife hitching a ride to see her hubby while he's on 2-day leave in the closest port:

Dress: L.L. Bean, via the Salvation Army and my sewing machine
Suitcase: vintage, yard sale
Hat: Lisa Ventre, with the hem of the dress as a ribbon
Shoes: Dansko "Lara's," on sale somewhere online
Little blue handbag: Upcycled t-shirt sleeves with the neckband as the strap


  1. I love what you've done with that dress! And the pictures too! They have that certain "vintage feeling". It's nice to give new life to things. :)

  2. Thanks, Una! It was fun to alter the dress and to shoot the pictures!

  3. I love these pics...it's nice to see someone do a 'photo shoot' rather than just shoot the pics on the dress form. And I love Danskos - those are the only footwear that I own.

  4. Thanks, Kerry! My hubby is a wiz with a camera, and he's been talking about wanting to shoot more "people shots," so I'm hoping to get him to shoot me more often!

    Danskos are my favorite too. I used to sell high-end comfort footwear, and I could get them at wholesale then. Boy, I miss those days!


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