Saturday, September 5, 2009

Addition to the Family

Meet my new baby, a Singer 7467 Confidence:
What I really wanted was an old Morse or an old Singer Featherweight, but my practical side got the better of me. There's absolutely no one in my area who knows how to fix an older sewing machine. Hurrumph!

I needed a machine that could actually sew through heavier cloth, like 6 layers of denim, and my Janome just can't do it. I saw in the Joann's sale flier that they had some Singers on sale, and one of them was a heavy duty machine. Well, my Joann's didn't have that model in stock but they were allowed to substitute the 7467 and offer it at the same price. It's just as heavy duty as the one I wanted, but has some more features as well. Lucky me, I paid $200 for a machine that I have seen listed for as much as $500! And I can write it off as a business expense to boot.

The plan is to take old blue jeans and do a line of 'recycled" purses and bags with them, now that I have a heavy duty machine that can run twin needles. I'm not going to get to set it up this weekend, though, because I have steps to paint and a guest room to prepare for my mother-in-law's arrival on Monday. Sigh... maybe next week...

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