Monday, September 28, 2009

A New Doc in Town, and No "Trach" Today

The wonderful Dr. Tiru, infectious disease specialist, is on her way back to her hospital in NYC and won't be back until December. Today Alex has a new doctor, Dr. O'Mara, who is a pulmonologist (sp?) or lung specialist. Perfect timing!

Alex's oxygen levels and fever continue to improve since the draining of LOTS of fluid from his chest, but Dr. O'Mara decided to wait on the tracheostomy until he's slightly stronger. Works for me. I don't really need to see my husband go into respiratory arrest this week...

I keep telling myself that these little setbacks are just that, and that he will be turning the corner soon. I hope I'm right!


  1. I am so sorry all these terrible complications have happened to your sweetheart. It breaks my heart thinking about how worried sick you must be....I know if I was in your place I would be so scared. ;0(
    Im sending you wishes of strength, healing and peacefulness....
    I just know he will start making great strides of "better" very soon.

  2. Thanks so much! I appreciate all the good vibes!

  3. My dear, I am so sorry to hear of these compoicatios your husband is having. You both shall remain in our prayers daily for his recovery, but also for your strength as you stand by him and encourage him to get well and wisdom for the doctors as they determine treatments.
    You're not alone in all of this...we're here with you.

  4. Thank you, Mrs. Bee! Thank you so much.


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