Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Avalanche of Progress

We're having an avalanche of progress here in Room 11 in the ICU!

Today not only did Himself sit on the edge of his bed, sit up in a chair, and talk through a special valve on his trach; he also ate ice chips and Jello, and passed the "Bedside Swallow Test"!!! He successfully swallowed a sip of water, a spoonful of applesauce, and a small piece of a cracker without choking. He spent his second day "vent-free" and the ventilator is being moved OUT of his room tomorrow!

I finally got to read some of his get well cards to him. It meant a lot to him - he wanted me to read those instead of the new novel that he's been waiting to start! Thank you all for sending him your prayers and good wishes. Now that he's awake, he really appreciates them!

Alex is still coughing up the gunk that's been in his lungs. Luckily what he's coughing up is clear/white and foamy, which means there's no infection. Unfortunately, coughing it up means choking and it's very scary for him. I spent last night in his room, getting up and suctioning out his trach tube for him whenever he started to choke. Tonight his mom is taking "suction duty."

The more he gets up and moves around in PT, the more this gunk is going to come up out of his lungs, and it's good that he's able to cough it out himself, but it is exhausting, uncomfortable, and somewhat painful... the nurse says "No pain, no gain." Ouch.

Last weekend was the first weekend of the Ithaca Area Art Trail and we had the assistance of Vanessa, Sabra, and my Mom in the studio to help sell some pots. Thank you, you fabulous women. We couldn't have done it without you. This weekend, Marc, Carol, Sabra, and Hannah are on deck so that I can be with Alex during this challenging time. Thank you, all of you. There's a special place in my heart for each of you.

Special thanks also to Alex's mom for being the giggliest Grandma ever, and to Joe, Mary Ellen, Russell, Joseph, Dorothy, Gordon, and Carol for a lovely birthday dinner among friends. Mary Ellen also gets the Good Samaritan Badge for helping me get my ailing kitty to the vet. (Luna seems to be fine now, a few thousand dollars later...damn cat.)


  1. YIPPEE!!!
    What a great day all around!!

  2. So So Sooooooo so awesome!!!! Thank goodness! Yippie Yippie!!

  3. All this good news is so wonderful! -hehhhh- As if I had to TELL you that, hu? ,-) But it is, even to me, so far away.

    Although I suppose I should feel a little guilty, for not being here, when the news was a lot less good. But, better late than never.

    I'm sure the "raising the gunk" is horrible. It's always necessary and not particularly fun for most people. But with his set of circumstances, it must be really awful. Best wishes that he keeps moving, and thus "gets it all up," soon!

    Oh and yes, you are so blessed with family and friends, around you, to help. So happy for you, for this.

    And also glad that Luna is all better. Ahhhh yes, those $$$ vet visits! Eeeeek! :-))))) But when she's purring on your lap, the $$$ will be forgotten. Oh it already is, I'm sure. Well, maybe not forgotten, but you've *forgiven* her for necessitating it. -giggles-

    Gentle hugs,
    Aunt Amelia

  4. Thank Goodness that he is getting better. You must be so relieved!


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