Friday, October 2, 2009

Of Sat Levels and Other Things

Of saturation levels and other like things I have become painfully aware. I had no idea of the amount of medical knowledge I would gain through this process... more than I want to know. I'll try not to bore you with the minutiae; suffice to say that earlier today Alex was not doing as well with the breathing thing. When we came back around 6 with Aurora, he was doing better. AND his temp stayed down AND he opened his eyes for me when I asked him to.

He is one tough bugger.

All these ups and downs are hard on us; they must be harder on him.

He's going to be so tired when he wakes up.


  1. Yes, he will. Really..try to get some rest yourself. Once he gets over this hump, he's going to need you to be there to get him moving. Once mom got the ok to get up and move, slowly at first, one of us was always with her...there aren't enough nurses to go around. When I had my heart surgery three years, ago, hubby drove 75 miles one way to the hospital each day and got me walking and showered each morning...I needed him to push me (there were days I wanted to send him to the moon and told him so!)and I knew as long as he was pushing me, I would get better. It meant alot to see his face and know he cared by just being there and holding my hand while I dozed off. It will mean alot to Alex too. So take care of yourself, some days not going backwards any is actually going forward.....

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Bee. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and for being so encouraging. It helps so much.


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