Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ok, Now THIS is REALLY Good News!

I went back to the hospital this afternoon after writing my last little post, and guess what??

Alex is being moved into the physical rehabilitation unit TOMORROW!

Yes, really. It's true. (Pinch me, I'm dreaming again.)

At this moment he is enjoying a turkey and mashed potato dinner with Aurora as his visitor. How lucky can a guy get? Real food, losing the catheter, a visit from his girl, and a FREE, ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO REHAB!! (*snork* "Free," indeed. Can't wait for these bills...)

Once he's checked into the unit he will be put on a strict schedule, with scheduled PT times, rest times, and visiting times. They will be strictly safeguarding his rest periods, so as soon as I know his visiting hours I will post them here. He can also take phone calls (on his cell) during visiting hours. Another thing to know is that we will be having some friends who are massage therapists coming in to work with him during his visiting hours, so be prepared to be turned away occasionally. (These wonderful people are offering their services gratis; thank you so much!) When I know the number of the nurses' station in the unit, I'll let you know.

We don't yet know how long he will be in rehab. It may actually come down to how much the insurance company is willing to cover, believe it or not. The healthcare system in this country needs some serious overhauling.

Whew. Never a dull moment here. We're looking forward to a constructive, busy time. Thank you all for your support!


  1. Well Nancy, I did a happy dance this morning, so now I am doing a happier one!!

    Bless all of you!


  2. What wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear how well he's doing, God bless you both!

  3. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa for the good news! All of it. I'm so happy for all of you.

    "...in rehab. It may actually come down to how much the insurance company is willing to cover, believe it or not."

    Oh yes, I believe it! My husband & son work in an arm of health care. And we know how the insurance companies 'call the tune.' More so, than doctors.

    The Insurance companies in this country, need serious looking into! But what is trying to be pushed through, in Washington now, is NOT the answer.

  4. Congrats Yippee and YAHOO!!! Tell him to listen to his PT's or as my new husband is called affectionately - PhysioTerrorist. He loves working with patients like your husband -- getting them back to a fabulous life ahead.

  5. Thanks for sharing in the celebration!


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