Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Once Again, No News is Good News

Alex is now able to shower without help, walks with a walker, and has a laptop so he can write his own blog posts!!! Yay!!!

I'm watching back episodes of "Dancing With the Stars" and snuggling my kitties. Life is good, but will be better when my boy is home...


  1. Can hardly wait to see your post that he is home!!

  2. Not to worry! I am coming home soon! Still have a ton of work to do on rebuilding this body, but this hospital thing is getting old.

  3. It will be wonderful to hear that he is home. We are watching Strictly Come Dancing which is just like Dancing With the Stars.

  4. So nice to read good news. Good for you guys and good luck, good health for a wonderful holiday season from your bloggy reader!


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