Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Touch of Bursitis

The shoulder xray shows a touch of bursitis in Alex's right shoulder, which apparently can happen when someone's gone without using a joint and suddenly starts using it again. Nothing some ice can't handle, but he's taking it a little easy on the wheelchair acrobatics for now. (i.e. no wheelies)

We took him for a spin up to the ICU so he could meet some of the people who took such good care of him while he was unconscious. I thought Dr. H. was going to burst into tears, he was that happy! Some of the nurses who had him most often were there, and everyone was duly impressed with his progress. Then we went to Short Stay Surgical, but there weren't many nurses around, so we went outside and caught some rays!

I fell asleep on Alex's bed in the middle of the day again. The staff at the rehab have seen me do that more than once; they're seeing me at the tale end of this crazy time so I'm not exactly at my most energetic. One of the nurses asked if I do anything but sleep! ;-)

Either tomorrow or Tuesday they are going to take the trach out and let that hole in his neck heal up. There are whispers that he may be out of rehab and back at home in as little as 2 weeks! Alex continues to get stronger every day, so it wouldn't surprise me.

I'm planning on going in to work 1/2 time tomorrow, and I can't stay awake, so I'm off to bed again. Apologies to anyone I haven't called today...this was all I had energy for...


  1. I hope that Alex is out of the hospital soon. He will be so happy to be home!

  2. Let me 'at' that dumb nurse who asked you if all you do is sleep! -Duhhhhhhh Nursie-

    I don't hope he is sent home, until he is ready. Because when he gets home, you will be his sole care. Please remember this part, when they start pushing him toward the Exit.

    I know he wants to go home and you want him to be home. But I'm a realist. Unless he is really ready to care for himself, you will have more work then, than you do now. Right?

    And you are very tired and stretched thin, now. Already... Without more work at home.

    Good wishes, all round.

  3. Thanks, ladies. Well, Auntie, he may be JUST FINE in 2 weeks, which would be a miracle, but he seems to be moving in that direction!!!


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