Tuesday, October 27, 2009


They pulled the trach tube today! Woo hoo!! No more choking!

And the PT team thinks he could be totally independent, able to move and live without any kinds of aids, in 2 weeks. That's my boy!

Alex managed a short post to his blog using the iPod Touch my sister and her hubby gave him, which I think is commendable. I can't type on the damn thing, and there's nothing wrong with my muscles! He may not post again until we get a lap top in his room. If you want to check his blog, look at the link in my sidebar.

Sorry this isn't much of a post but I am completely exhausted and am about to go to bed. Yes, at 7:20pm. That's how tired I am.


  1. Ok, I didn't go to bed. But I should have. People with family members recently in the ICU should not watch episodes of "House, MD."

  2. Good news in your post!

    But *naughty* you! Watching scary tv instead of going to bed. :-( Aunt Amelia is going to scold, if you keep doing such. ,-)

    But really. You have 2 weeks to catch up on your rest. We have a sort of a rest bank account. When we don't "deposit" enough sleep time into it, we are "over drawn." And that's not good.

    So please get thee to making as many "sleep deposits" as possible, in this next 2 weeks.


    Pretty please....

    Pretty please with sugar on it... :-)

  3. No stick to the Food Channel or HGTV - nothing to get you worked up or upset.


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