Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not Quite Normal...

Ok, quit the wisecracks... (Yes, you!)

After this odyssey into hospital-land and near-death experiences, our family is starting to settle into some kind of not-quite-normal routine. I'm going back to work next week, which should make life a little more "normal," and Alex will be home alone, just as if he were working in the studio, the difference being that he will be working on physical therapy exercises and resting.

The Girl is now able to be with us on a semi-regular schedule, the difference there being that her mom and step-dad are getting her to and from her hockey practices and games. Thank heavens for family!

Our fabulous friends Marc and Carol did our grocery shopping for us this week, going above and beyond by picking up some LOVELY things that weren't on the list we sent them. (The Kid says thanks for the olives! I say thanks for the Ghiradelli chocolate chips!) Where would we be without our friends? So many have stepped in to help, it's hard to list them all...

It's weird to think about leaving Alex alone, but I should trust that he's getting around better and that he is stronger than he was when he first left the hospital. I just feel so protective of him after everything that's happened; it's hard to relinquish the role of "Mama Bear" after having to watch over him in the hospital. Hopefully he'll remember to email me and let me know that he's ok while I'm at work!!!

It's all very strange to think that while I'm at work, Alex is at home, and the Girl is on a more normal schedule, things are not the same. They will never be the same. Our lives have been forever changed, in so many ways. To all our friends and family, thanks for taking this road with us.

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  1. Still love hearing how great things are going for you. Be good to yourself when you return to work - as you mentioned your focus could be a bit - off work.


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