Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Neutrals

Now that the smoke has cleared and we're settling into a routine with Alex's recuperation, I actually have time to do FUN things on the computer! One of my favorite things to do is "shop" without spending money, and with the medical bills piling up, I'm going to have lots of opportunity to do just that! ;-)

Here are my picks for a versatile, elegant, neutrals-based wardrobe. I would mix-and-match these happily for months!

En Vogue Jacket from ModCloth

A Thousand Tiers Dress from Anthropologie

Stacked Smoke Heels from Anthropologie

Creature Comforts Cardigan from ModCloth

Iced Rosettes Clutch from Anthropologie

Ice Cape-ades Jacket from ModCloth

Recital Dress from ModCloth

Pleats-and-Thank-You Dress from ModCloth

Mod's-the-Word Dress from Anthropologie

Scarf-Tied Oxfords from Anthropologie

The Parlour Dress from ModCloth

Woodward Cardigan from ModCloth

Converging Roads Sweater Dress from Anthropologie

Three Days of Peace Shrug from ModCloth

Struthio Platforms from Anthropologie


  1. You were sooo born in the wrong decade. ;)

    Nice color palette - and you could punch it up with a splash of just about anything.

  2. wow. huge change from the bright strong colors of a few years ago. these neutrals are really subtle but gorgeous. nice choices.

  3. Thanks! Yeah, T, I figure you throw in a scarf or a bag or even some fun stockings in a fun color and call it good...

  4. Sooooooooooo glad you have time for fun stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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