Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Redecoration Dreams - Finishing Touches Before I've Even Begun!

I've had 4 large boxes of salvaged chrome green vintage bathroom tile sitting in my neighbor's shed for years now. Someday I'm going to supplement it with some lovely white and black tile, and redo our yucky downstairs bathroom, which is decorated in early plastic pre-fab shower stall...and it's not even white, it's that ugly "bisque" color. (Ugh.)

Here are two of my "inspiration" pics, pictures of other folks' renovations that I like:

It's fun to dream of how beautiful our room could become; once the tile is laid and the ugly dirty-looking fixtures are replaced with shiny white salvaged ones, I'll have a pretty, clean-looking room, but it will need some finishing touches. Today I had fun looking at reprints of vintage posters to decorate my future bathroom. I love old advertising posters...

There isn't going to be much wall space, so I can only choose 2 or 3 of these, and they're going to have to be small prints. Which are your favorites?

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