Friday, December 25, 2009

A Grateful Christmas

Our family has a lot to be grateful for this year.

Not only did Alex survive his horrifying near-death experience, but his little sister was on Delta Airbus 330, which was the victim of an attempted suicide bombing this afternoon.

Yes, the Solla family apparently can't go 3 months without an emergency of epic proportions.

Maggie was on the flight where a Nigerian who according to some reports was ON THE NO-FLY LIST tried to blow up the plane on descent into Detroit. The poor girl boarded in England, and was on her way to Miami to spend Christmas with Alex's mom. They held her and everyone else in Detroit for 6 hours, and Momma Solla spent the afternoon in the Miami airport, frantically trying to get information.

Of course, because of the Patriot Act, they couldn't tell her anything, which didn't help the poor woman feel any better. As I type, Alex just got off the phone with Maggie. She's safe in Miami now, and hopefully she and Mom can make their way home through their exhaustion without further mishap.

2009 totally sucked for the Solla family, but at least everyone is still here and (mostly) in one piece. I don't know what to think about our luck - are we lucky, or unlucky? Is the glass half full or half empty? I'm going to choose to think that we are lucky; otherwise I'll just brood and rant!

Thank you, Little Maggie, for not getting yourself blown up today. Your poor momma just couldn't have taken one more thing this year. After today's awful experiences, you two should have a spa day and pamper yourselves! HUGS!

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