Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Movie Star Glamour - Marion Cotillard

Here's a modern girl who's got a good handle on good old-fashioned Hollywood glamour: Marion Cotillard. I loved her in "A Good Year," where she was the epitome of a modern French goddess. And when I saw her in "Public Enemy," I saw an actress who could embody the glamour and the grit of the Depression Era.

Here are some pics of Marion on various red carpets, looking for all the world like a starlet from byegone days.

I love this hairstyle, but I can't decide; is this a Grace Kelly look?

The only giveaway that this isn't a 1950's starlet is her platform shoes, which are definitely or a millennial flavor. Oh, that and Christian Bale's name and a URL on the poster in the background.

I can look like this any time I want to, really...I just don't want to... yeah, that's it!

I swear this suit is from a Vogue pattern...

A timeless Chanel little black dress.

A sea green chiffon gown and a bob; is she in a Fred Astaire film?

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