Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nifty Winter Toppers

I love hats. I would love to have more hats in my wardrobe. As I've written before, I have a particular fondness for cloches, which were de rigeur in the 20's through the 30's. Finding a vintage hat that is still in wearable condition can be hard, but there are some milliners out there making some wonderful "lids." Here are some nifty chapeaus:

Anna Shoub's "Sarah" Cloche
This sweet little number is made out of polar fleece, so it can withstand daily wear, keep you warm, and be packed in a bag without damage!

Hats in the Belfrey's "Tara"
I just love the plumage on this, and it can be made up for you in several different color combinations.

Red Whine's "Elegant Flapper"
Ooh, satin flowers! What's not to love about this simple, sleek topper?

Trousseau's "Asymmetrical Cloche"
Hand-blocked on an antique hatblock, but in today's color combos. I love the stripes in the trim.

Yestadt Millinery's "Dial M"
Definitely a nod to the days of old, but a contemporary take on the shape. So bold!

Behida Dolic's "French Cloche"
She could be a French Countess, non? That hat adds just a hint of sophistication and mystery, n'est-ce pas?

Behida Dolic's "Black Cloche"
Ok, if I buy this hat, will I look this elegant from this viewpoint? Talk about jaw-droppingly beautiful!

I am totally in love with Behida Dolic's sense of shape and line. She takes the classic shapes and makes them even better, in my book! There is an elegant simplicity that is simply gorgeous; I don't care that they're not "period"; I'd wear them with just about anything! Her website seems to be geared toward bespoke pieces and wholesale customers. If you want to snap up one of her ready-made pieces, check out her etsy shop.

I love looking at milliner's sites. You can find a whole range of aesthetics, materials, and price-points. And you should see the "race hats" they make for the Kentucky Derby and the Ascot Races! Talk about wild! I seem to have simple but expensive taste, myself. (sigh) One thing I love about hats is that they always fit, just like shoes! No matter what my waistline is doing, I don't have to alter my hats!


  1. I love those hats! I only wished they would tell the size too... well I guess I can always ask. ;) Me and my big head. ;)

  2. A lot of these milliners will do custom work, so you could give them your head measurements and they could make you one! Imagine have a custom-made hat!


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