Monday, December 7, 2009

Pyrex Love

I grew up in Corning, NY, the home of Corning Glass Works. ("That little blue flower and a whole lot more.") And if, like me, you lived in the "Crystal City," you undoubtedly had many dishes made by "The Glass Works," as it was referred to by locals.

I grew up with Pyrex mixing bowls and refrigerator dishes, and later on Corelle dinnerware. (Which was supposedly unbreakable, but let me tell you, if a Corelle ware plate hits the floor just right, it splinters into a million tiny shards.)

There's a lovely little group on Flickr devoted to Pyrex, called Pyrex Love. If you're feeling nostalgic for Grandma's Pyrex mixing bowls as you're making your Christmas cookies this year, here's some lovely eye candy for you.

My Grandma had a full dinnerware set like this, including creamer and sugar bowl, etc. I ate a lot of meatloaf and mashed potatoes off these dishes.

These matched my mom's Corelle dinnerware pattern. I think she had 3 of these.

Mom had some of these, to continue her green and white color scheme.

Mom also had some non-green and white stuff, including the ubiquitous coffee pot with the little blue flower.

She also had the primary bowl set, which matches my fridge dishes (below).

I have a set like this. The primary color sets are early Pyrex.

I had a full set of these because they reminded me of my Grandma's, but I married a potter, and we had way too many dishes so I sold them.

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