Sunday, December 20, 2009

What to Wear with the New Wingtips?

You know how it goes; you get a new pair of shoes, you need a new dress to go with them...You get a new dress, you need new shoes....

So what will I sew to go with the wingtips that are on their way to my humble abode? Definitely some 30's and 40's style dresses, and some more dressy than others. Time to start looking at my patterns (and at the stack of things that are still waiting for me to make them...Ahem.).

Here are some likely candidates for fabric to go with my new/vintage shoes. The scale on some of these swatches is wonky, but you get the general idea:


  1. These are really lovely! I think that second one is my favourite... :)

  2. Thanks, Una! I like the second one as well. It also comes in aqua, so I'm going to have to choose between pink and aqua...that could be difficult!

  3. Lovely fabrics, where are they from? I'm hoping they'll ship to UK!

  4. Hi Fi -
    Welcome to Waiter, Waiter!

    I'm usually better about remembering to attach links to the images! Oops. I've done so now. These are from several different online fabric shops, so you'll have to click through to see what each of them does in terms of international shipping...Good luck!



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