Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anna Shoub, Milliner

Back in December I wrote a post about "Nifty Winter Toppers," drooling over some of the great fleece and wool felt hats I found on etsy. One of those hats was by milliner Anna Shoub, who hails from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Anna sweetly commented on my last post, which led me to look at her blog, which led me to her website. I had only gotten as far as her etsy store in the past, and oh! how glad I am to have found the rest of her web presence!

Her blog is sweet, full of millinery delights, and insights into rehabbing an 1890's house and running a millinery business while raising a school-aged son. The fact that she's in Lunenburg makes me just that much more inclined to check in every day: Lunenburg is famously the most photogenic town in Nova Scotia, and with good reason. It's been on my list of vacation destinations for a long time!

Her website is full of fabulous hats made of straw, fleece, and wool felt. She also makes very pretty floral fascinators! From a quick glance, it looks like prices range from $48 to $180, depending upon material and degree of ornamentation, and I've got several on my dream shopping list.

Here are some of Anna's wonderful hats, and I highly recommend a trip to her website. (Commentary below each hat is from Anna's website.)

Ursina, Sage/Maple $160
Hand Blocked wool felt, May cause tap dancing.

Sarah, Sable/Mystic $74
Sarah is the recreation of a 1920's cloche done in polar fleece. The fleece is milled in the U.S. This hat comes down low over the ears and is toasty warm. It's great to be so stylish and still be able to fold your hat up and put it in your sleeve..

Priscilla, Pink $90
Priscilla is made from hand dyed silk velvet ribbon and an ostrich plume. Perfect for the next time you need to be the prettiest woman at the party. The flower can be attached with an elastic, comb or headband. Please specify your preference when ordering.

Lana / Green / $76
Lana is a tough chick with a closet romantic side. She is hand blocked from twisted
seagrass straw.

Karine, Beige/Striped $160
Hand Blocked wool felt, from 1920's hat block.

Cheers to Anna, and good luck with the renovations!


  1. Hi Nancy, tried to leave a comment before and I think I forgot to click on something, so hope I'm not repeating myself. Thanks so much for the feature. Hope you do make it to Lunenburg sometime soon. It's a long drive, but so worth it. (might not be as long without a five year old in the car) We lived in the Hudson Valley for 5 years. Seems that you are in a very beautiful part of the world too. Love your pottery . All the Best, Anna

  2. Anna, you're so welcome. I'm hoping that next year will be the year we get a real vacation. If so, I'll definitely look for you at the market!

    The Finger Lakes are beautiful, but I've lived here all my life. I always look forward to being close to the sea whenever I can get there.

    Looking forward to seeing the kids hats when you get them on the website!



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