Saturday, January 9, 2010

California Dreamin'....

We got a good 6" of snow last night, on top of what we already had. I love winter. I'm serious. My hubby and I are even thinking of moving farther north some day.

So I'm a little confused as to why my attention has been turning towards spring and summer fashions lately, but that's what I've been looking at on Etsy.

Here's what I'm thinking about on this chilly winter's day:

A perfect dress for a summer day, from Ninth Avenue Vintage
When I think of wearing this, I'm on the porch in my bare feet, pouring iced tea.

How can you go wrong with a 1950's red gingham dress? From pineapplemint.
I keep thinking of the song "This Was a Real Nice Clambake" from the musical, Carousel.

Bummer. This vintage qipao has sold already.
I have a need to own a qipao or a cheongsam. I'm not sure why.

1980's Laura Ashley silk blouse from Clever Nettle
I wear this color all the time. I keep thinking of skirts to sew to go with this blouse....yes, I'm obsessing. I should either buy it or let it go.

Vintage 1970's "Galaxy" dress from Clever Nettle
This looks very 50's to how some styles are timeless...

1940's clock print dress from Adeline's Attic
I just love the bodice on this dress. The collar, the sleeves...all of it.

This one has also sold. Sniff.
It would have looked so wonderful with the wingtip shoes I just got from Adeline's Attic.

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