Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fab Fun Fabric from Michael Miller

I was cruising the fabric websites last night, looking for the perfect fabric for a vintage pattern I bought recently. I didn't find what I wanted for that project, but of course found a lot of other things that are fabulous. Michael Miller is doing some really rockin' retro-inspired fabrics that I think would be perfect for curtains, pj's, bags, etc. The fabric's so great, you just HAVE to find a use for it! Let's see how lame I am in my justifications for buying this stuff...

I think this would be a great table cloth! Also available in green.

I think I need to make a summer nightie out of this fabric, but I can't decide which color! I also need to make a bag from this, probably in the black.

Well it goes without saying that this is for kitchen curtains!

The kid's room? Oh, wait, my kid is 12... how about pj's for me, then?

I don't know whether this print makes me want to laugh, throw up over the sickening sweetness, or both! How about some pj's or bathroom curtains out of this?

Well, once again, there are no little cowgirls or boys in my house, so I guess I'd have to make pjs out of this. Or a rockin' little bag.

A little red handbag? The print is so subtle because of the monochromatic color scheme, it would take people a minute to realize what the figures are. That would be fun!


  1. I have a lot of Michael Miller Fairy Frost, but these fabrics are so cute!

  2. Aren't they, though? You can see I was scraping for excuses to buy them! LOL!

  3. I've been looking for the perfect kitchen curtain fabric. I think you just solved the problem. Thanks so much. Great blog by the way.

  4. @hatjunkie - Yay! Glad I could be of service. ;-) Which print solves your problem?

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for the compliment!


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