Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Can't Do a THING with my HAIR!

My husband laughs at me. Every 4-6 months I go through some kind of mid-life crisis and freak out about my hair. Now, I should not complain about my hair, according to some people...I'm a natural blonde, and my hair is pretty thick. Some people would like me to shut up already about my hair. But as I go through this loveliest of times known as perimenopause, I seem to be having a hormonal fit of epic proportions that looks like an identity crisis.

Last time, I cut my hair off short and made it spiky. And then I decided that was too severe, and was a bit anachronistic with my vintage clothing. So I started growing it out, wishing desperately that I could get a blonde version of Louise Brooks' fabulous bob. But not in a million years will my hair ever be that sleek and shiny, especially now that my hormonal flux is making my hair more coarse by the second.

So, I've had plenty of time to think about this as I've been painfully growing the many SHORT layers out of my hair. And while I know I'm going to do something in the "Bob" department, I'm still on the fence. The latest hairbrained scheme is a pageboy; after all, I can make it straight or I can curl it when I want to feel glamorous. (I can hear people who know me well laughing and snorting their beverage of choice. I haven't curled my hair since high school. Do they even make electric curling rods anymore? ;-)

Below are some vintage images (plus one contemporary one, thank you Kathryn Heigel) of some pageboys.

I especially like the soft waviness of the hair in the next 2 images.

My hair already does the thing this cut is doing on the model's left side, all by itself.

If I ever got my hair to curl this tightly and STAY this tightly curled, I'd eat my socks!

I originally thought I wanted a slightly angled bob, without bangs, like this cut (below). But with a pageboy, I almost need the angle going the opposite way... I'd better make up my mind before I get a haircut! I wear vintage stuff from the 30's through the 50's, so I'm wondering if an angled bob is too 30's-specific. What hip 1950's girl in her right mind would have this haircut?

So maybe it should be cut more like this? (below) What do you all think?


  1. Ooh, I love a pageboy! The first and second cuts are my favorite. You would probably do well with just a quick set in some hot rollers. I just got my hands on a copy of Vintage Hairstyling by Laura Rennells, and she explains all the curling methods very well. There's even a pageboy style in the book!

    I get the hair insanity about every three months. Is that some sort of hormonal cycle?

  2. I think your hair naturally looks closest to the first two pictures, and I also happen to think that those are the prettiest. So I'd vote for the pageboy. Your hair is naturally a bit wavy, right?

  3. @Gertie - yes, it is definitely hormonal! LOL. I've been toying with getting Laura Rennells' book; sounds like I might have to now! BTW, G, your hair has been looking AMAZING of late.

    @Dana - My hair is not quite as wavy as the first style, more like the hair in the third picture. But with a little technological encouragement, I could get the first look, I think.

    Thanks for weighing in, gals!

  4. You have GORGEOUS hair! Take a look at this page and say it just aint so.


  5. Aw, aren't you sweet? Thanks, honey!

  6. Hello, I love your blog and wanted to pass on an invite for a Kreative Blogger award:
    I hope you have fun with it if you decide to participate :)

    And my vote goes to the first one, but I have been totally stuck on old Hollywood lately.

  7. Hair! I just had to chime in!

    I agree with Alex, you have lovely hair. And the first and second vintage pictures are my favorite -- looks like all you'd need is one of those wide barrel curling irons -- make the ends a little flippy, and curl the front two pieces, and voila!


  8. Don't forget that Barbara Streisand had the angled bob in 1969 when she took the award for Funny Girl. So, I think it can span the decades.

  9. Thanks for your input, everyone! I got my hair cut yesterday morning; am waiting until I get some curling tools to take pics, but they will be forthcoming!


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