Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Retro Swim Styles for my Modern Figure?

I probably will never have an occasion to wear a glamorous swimsuit. For me, the only time I need to wear a swimsuit is if I'm kayaking, and even then I don't always wear a suit. Since I've gained my peri-menopausal spare tire with accompanying saddle bags, I don't even wear a suit without wearing shorts over it.

So when I look at swimwear, first of all, I don't look at anything like the sweet tropical print string bikini from Victoria's Secret that's sitting in the bottom drawer of my dresser. *sniff* Yes, I used to wear it. And it's a size 8. *sniff sniff*.

Having accepted that if I *should* ever have occasion to wear a suit that people might actually *see* me in, I choose to look at suits with more coverage. Like, a burkha... ok, just kidding. Here are some sweet vintage-inspired suits that I might consider wearing, once I lose about 25 pounds (to start).

And having said that, I cannot bring myself to pay what they're asking for these suits, so I'm considering sewing one for myself, but I definitely need some guidance from my more experienced seamstress friends out there. (see more about this at the end of the post...)

Anthropologie's En Pointe Bikini

Anthropologie's Nathalie One-Piece

Now here's a question for all you vintage sewing fanatics: If I wanted to make my own vintage suit, what fabrics would be period-appropriate and would drape well with the cuts? Ideas? Any resources you can point me to? Besides the wool suits I've seen from the 20's and 30's, I have no idea what kind of fabric was used. What did they make suits out of in the 40's and 50's, before there was lycra? Thanks for any tips you might have!


    This is the first swimsuit I made and it is retro looking. It is a nice alternative to true vintage patterns since you can use modern lycra fabric instead of cotton.

  2. I have a bathing suit that looks a lot like that last one, and it is very flattering, no matter your shape. You do not have to lose 25 lbs to go wear a swimsuit, lady. That's why they make figure flattering little one pieces with rouching!

  3. Aw, thanks, Dana. I just feel so very self-conscious of how much my shape has changed. You're right, of course.

    Cindy, thanks for the link! (running to check it out right now...)

  4. I may even pay for this cute black suit, but it only comes in a 4,6, or 8! The tall girl is jilted again

  5. Maryszka, I'm jilted, too - I'm nothing like an 8. :-(


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