Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Current Trend

I know this expression has enjoyed a resurgence of late (you can even buy the t-shirt), but it was never more appropriate for me than this year.

Obviously during Alex's severe illness and hospitalization, this was my mantra.
Actually, my mantra was more like "OhmyGod OhmyGod OhmyGod"...

Now that he's home and on the mend, I need to keep calm and carry on, still.

With the physical limitations Alex is having to live with from now on, making pots is somewhat challenging. We're not entirely sure what will happen with the studio. We still have pots to sell, and when Alex left for the hospital, he left a HUGE backstock of bisqueware that we're in the process of glazing and fire, with the gracious help of our apprentice, Hannah. Alex can't load kilns anymore. He can't lift the shelves. Hannah's leaving us forever in April... And I have a day job (thank goodness) but it limits my usefulness in the studio somewhat. Sometimes clay can't wait for you to take care of it; if you miss your window of opportunity to do certain tasks, you've lost the pot. We're still trying to figure out a new workflow.

The studio hasn't see any steady sales since, oh, October, and for October's sales we have our pals Sabra, Vanessa, Carol, Marc, and my Mom to thank. We're both afraid to look at the bank balance, but somebody's got to do it. This weekend we're going to sit down and pore over the finances, and get stuff ready to give to the accountant for tax prep.

Am I having fits of hyperventilation? Heavens, no! I'll just Keep Calm and Carry On!

I used to think, "How much of this kind of propaganda did folks really buy into during the war?" Well, it may seem like smarmy pap, but it's helping me right now. When I think about the uncertainty our families went through during the Depression and then the War, I think, "Ok, I can get through this. I can do this. Just do what's in front of you, Nancy."

So, thanks, Grandma and Grandpa. And thanks, Mom. Thanks for the inspiration. Some messages are truly timeless.

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