Sunday, February 21, 2010

Latest Sewing Projects

Ok this isn't the latest, and it isn't sewing, but this is the hat and scarf I knitted during hockey season last year. I'm a novice knitter, so there's nothing very complicated (or vintage-y) about these, but they're very warm and I had fun doing them.  I even made stripey leg warmers to match, so that I could wear dresses and skirts all winter. These were made to go with the polar fleece coat I made with some fabric that I got for a STEAL. (below)

Mmmm...very toasty warm.... mittens made from recycled wool sweater and lined with polar fleece.

Realizing that Spring WILL come again and that I need lighter-weight accessories to go with my spring coat, I made some berets and mittens this weekend from recycled wool sweaters.  I just tried to find pics of the vintage raincoat I bought on Etsy, and realized I deleted them by's late so we're not dragging out the camera right now, so you'll have to imagine a mid-thigh length, belted tan raincoat with groovy white piping. Probably 1970's or 80's vintage; I couldn't afford the vintage WAF raincoat that was for sale on Etsy.  Sigh.

 I have a blue silk scarf that matches the color of this denim-y hat.  This is the warmest of the berets.

I'm in a total aqua phase right now, so I couldn't resist making a beret, scarf and mittens out of this wool sweater.  (My hubby was playing in photoshop with this photo, and the color isn't an exact reproduction; these are a little more intense in color than this photo shows.) Love those bows!  Yes, there are bows on my fingers.

There will also be a set of a beret and mittens made from a thrifted white angora sweater, but I ran out of time for sewing this weekend.  I'm looking forward to wearing these with my new raincoat and my wellies!  It makes me think of England (or Scotland) in the 1940's - 1950's.

Trust me, the first day I get to wear these for real, I'll post pics of the full ensemble(s)!


  1. Novice? I'm so impressed! I've tried and tried and can't knit! Drives me insane. They look so perfect :0)

    Is it hard to sew sweater material? I'd like to make a few scarves and not sure how to set up my machine for it.

    All the hats look cute! Can you believe we were out in shorts today?

    Lynea :0)

  2. I adore those bows!! All the hats are sooo lovely! Makes me think I could do something similar with some of my old wool sweaters I was going to get rid of... Thank you for the inspiration. :)

  3. Thanks, gals! :-)

    @Lynea - I can knit flat things, but I can't deal with keeping track of increases and decreases, and I only know basic knit and purl. It took me the better part of 40 years to get that far in knitting. It's a good thing you can't see these pieces too closely, because there are definitely some mistakes in them. lol! And I am jealous of your weather. I'm done with winter for the year.

    @Una - Thanks! My husband made fun of the bows and I wasn't sure about them. I'm glad you like them, and I'm glad I could inspire you!

    Sewing on sweaters is so easy. You can shrink them a little in the washer (or a lot if you want it to be thick) but you don't have to. They won't unravel. I don't use any special needle or special thread; I just sew! If the sweater has been felted, you don't even have to finish the raw edges. One thing you'll notice is that the sweater will shed lots of little fibers wherever you've cut it, so be sure to clean the inside of your sewing machine when you're done.

  4. The aqua hat and mittens are completely adorable! I think it's part of some sort of guy code that they have to make fun of cute details...whenever my guy friends do that, I tell them, "Good thing I didn't make them for you!"

  5. Thanks, Leizel! And I love your come-back! ;-)


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