Monday, February 1, 2010

New Attitude

When I get restless, I have several activities/vices I turn to. Having just gotten my hair cut recently, though, I'm not about to do that again. I don't feel like painting my toenails; it's too damn cold to take my wool socks off. I'm trying to lose weight, so I'm trying *not* to eat ice cream or cookies... I'm too tired to sew, since I learned the hard way that when I'm tired I tend to accidentally hurt myself with sharp implements. That leaves me with one thing:

I decided to redecorate my blog.

Welcome to the New Waiter Waiter Percolator, complete with a new header that uses one of my most favorite vintage fonts. I'll probably tinker around with this some more, but this is it for tonight. (For those of you who read this via Facebook, you're missing a technicolor treat! If you visit, you'll see what I mean.)

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